Mushrooms from the Forêt des Andaines

The Forêt des Andaines is a great place to gather wild mushrooms. Beginners and experienced foragers familiar with the bounty of the forest floor can explore the world of mushrooms in the Forêt des Andaines with the help of an expert guide.

The Forêt des Andaines,
a mushroom-lover’s paradise

In the shade of the oak, beech and spruce trees of the Forêt des Andaines are hidden treasures. Bursting with life, Bagnoles de l’Orne’s forest is home to 1700 varieties of mushroom, including girolles, ceps, pieds de mouton, horn of plenty and many more.

Make the most of the warm sunny days of autumn to explore the forest and unlock the mysteries of the mushrooms that grow nestled among mosses and ferns. Dressed in the red and gold of autumn, the Forêt des Andaines is a stunning setting for family walks.

But if you’re going mushroom foraging, make sure you know what you’re doing! You need to know how to identify the friendly, tasty, edible varieties and take care to a avoid putting dangerous toadstools in your basket. Don’t worry, though, we’ve thought of everything.

Foraging for mushrooms with a guide

In autumn, Bagnoles de l’Orne’s tourist office offers nature walks where you can learn about mycology (the study of mushrooms) as a family. Accompanied by an expert guide, who knows how to explain things to children as well as adults, participants begin their adventure with a memorable and instructive walk in the forest.

The guide will tell you all their tips and secrets, including “the signs” to look out for such as moss, ferns, tree stumps and the weather, and how these natural factors affect the growth of mushrooms.

Shape, colour, smell and even taste – all the characteristics of mushrooms will be examined under the magnifying glass! Yes, foraging is an art, but the whole family can learn to master it after an afternoon’s instruction!

Mushroom weekends

Would you like to find out all the secrets of mushrooms, from how to forage for them to how to cook them? Bagnoles de l’Orne’s hoteliers have organised three-day mushroom weekends for you to discover.

 “Foraging and discovery” weekend at Hôtel Ô Gayot

Spend a relaxing weekend at the Belle Epoque Hôtel and restaurant Ô Gayot enjoying finding out about mushrooms and eating them! The stay includes an excursion with an expert guide to collect various varieties of mushroom.

 A unique mushroom weekend at Manoir du Lys

You will love the Manoir du Lys, an elegant hotel and restaurant nestled within the Forêt des Andaines. It is run by Franck Quinton, a Michelin-starred chef for 19 years. Guests can cook local produce from the markets in the Manoir du Lys’ kitchens in the company of Franck Quinton and then eat their creations. Of course, a walk in the forest with an expert guide is also on the programme!