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Everything there is to know about Normandy perry

Perry is a very similar drink to cider that is made from pear juice. The Domfrontais is a region famous for being the home of pears and perry. Poiré de Domfront perry has a protected designation of origin.

Perry making

Perry is made like cider, but with extra care as pears are more fragile than apples. The harvesting of perry pears requires a certain amount of delicacy. The harvest generally takes place in October and November after the fruits have naturally started to fall in the orchards.

The first stage in perry making it to crush the pears to make it easier to extract the juice. Next comes the pressing, which is done with the help of a hydraulic press. The pressure exerted on the crushed pears serves to extract the juice. This is collected in barrels or stainless steel vats.

Then, the juice is drawn off to ensure all impurities are removed. Fermentation takes place at a temperature of 12 to 15 degrees and happens slowly over several weeks. During this crucial period, the alcohol level is checked regularly to monitor its progress. Bottling takes place in January and February. Perry can then be stored for several years.

Poiré Domfront AOP

Poiré Domfront AOP is made with specific perry pears from the Domfront region such as Plant de Blanc, which gives it its fruity flavour. Poiré Domfornt has a beautiful golden yellow colour.

Its nose is fruity and floral and its light acidity in the mouth has a hint of astringency. It is best drunk well chilled as an aperitif and goes very well with desserts. Gently alcoholic (4 % vol.), perry is drunk in a champagne flute or tulip-shaped glass.

Since 2019, the production of Poiré Domfront has been listed as part of France’s intangible cultural heritage. This knowledge, which is passed down from generation to generation, is particularly unusual, but also vulnerable as the number of pear orchards has diminished.

Excessive drinking is dangerous for your health. Drink in moderation.

Visit a cider and perry mill

Poiré Domfront is made by around twenty perry producers who make around 150,000 bottles each year. In Bagnoles de l’Orne and the surrounding area there are two cider and perry producers that are open to visitors. Bagnoles de Pom’ and Ferme des Martellières.

Bagnoles de Pom’

In Bagnoles de l’Orne, Marie-Hélène Brard and Ludovic Dubreuil welcome you to their cider mill Bagnoles de Pom’. A visit includes a tour of the orchards, a visit to the cider house and store as well as a film. Allow an hour and a half for a tour with tasting of their AOC produce including perry.

La Ferme des Martellières

La Ferme des Martellières is a traditional early-20th-century cider mill in rural Juvigny-Val-d’Andaine. Thierry Boisgontier and Richard Levêque produce a wide range of cider and perry products including Poiré Domfront AOP, pink perry and Poirissimo, a pear-based aperitif. Allow an hour for a tour with tasting.