Happy parents playing with their daughters in the park. Space for copy.Happy parents playing with their daughters in the park. Space for copy.
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A safe place to stroll

Family walks in Bagnoles de l'Orne

The resort of Bagnoles de l’Orne is a safe and secure place to go for a walk with children. The park by the château, the lake in the middle of town and the footpaths at the edge of the forest are great places for a peaceful family stroll.

The park of the Château de La Roche-Bagnoles

The park of La Roche-Bagnoles has 45 acres of well cared for green space around the château that now houses the town hall. This open air public space between the thermal spa and Bagnoles’ Lake is fully enclosed and only open to pedestrians.

The park entrance is around the south end of the Vée. From the entrance, large lawns criss-crossed with paths climb gently towards the Château de la Roche Bagnoles and the arboretum that surrounds the building.

During this walk you can spot different features of the landscape:

  • To the south, rocks and beech trees, the Sentier de Versailles and the viewpoint by the thermal spring.
  • To the north, the Roc au Chien and the paths through the wood.
  • To the east, the Rocs de la Prise Tarot and its viewpoint.

There are lots of activities you can do in the park, including trim trails and orienteering.

At the lakeside in Bagnoles

Even right in the middle of town, nature reigns supreme in Bagnoles de l’Orne. Enjoy strolling beside Bagnoles’ lake on a walk in the town centre.

Take the footbridge over the mouth of the Vée so you can get up a little higher and admire the water gardens and the expanse of the lake. You can enjoy the view and perhaps see it from another angle if you take a turn on the lake in a pedalo!

Take a break for refreshment on the terrace of a lakeside café; why not try an icecream, a crêpe or some macarons!

In the footsteps of King Arthur

Close to the lake, the Roi Arthur circular walk is a pleasant 4 mile stroll in the Forêt des Andaines. It begins by the Lancelot of the Lake oak, which is located about 100 metres from the tourist office (where you can get a detailed route map).

Along this forest trail you will encounter various sites including the priory of Saint-Ortaire with its miraculous spring, Saint Radegund’s spring and the mysterious treasure stone that is supposed to grant wishes! Several remarkable trees are dotted along the route through this Arthurian forest.