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Nature Adventurers

Thrilling activities for the whole family

Traversing the forest paths by climbing through the trees or pedalling a rail bike through the Forêt des Andaines are adventures for the whole family to enjoy. But would you dare venture into the old mill in Couterne with its haunted basement?

Vélo-rail des Andaines

A 3-mile rail bike track makes its way through the middle of the Forêt des Andaines from the old station at Bagnoles de l’Orne to Ferté-Macé. How does it work? You climb aboard a light rail vehicle that you propel forwards by pedalling!

The strongest sit at either end of the car to work the pedals while the other passengers sit in the middle and enjoy the ride! Suitable for tourists who like to get some exercise, this outing along the old railway line makes for a scenic adventure for the whole family.

To book in advance : 06 71 12 77 47

La Maison de la Peur

Located in the basement of the old mill at Couterne, La Maison de la Peur is a frightfully fun adventure! To the sound of the wind and cries of fear, the route takes those who like a fright through the corridor of death and into a vampire’s chamber or the world of Beauty and the Beast. Dracula paintings by local artist Alain Ribbens form part of the décor.

The building, which also houses the Musée Aéromémoire 39-45 World War II flying museum, has remarkable architecture. The building was designed by the architect Léon Bénard, best known for the villas he built in Bagnoles de l’Orne’s Belle Epoque Quarter. It is the only industrial building he built in Normandy.

To book in advance : 06 71 12 77 47

in the trees

The adventure trails through trees are an adventure playground for the whole family at the heart of Bagnoles de l’Orne. Once kitted out by the team, you can enjoy the 80 challenges set out over six routes of different difficulties.

Located a 5-minute walk from the tourist office, the Bois Parcours Nature enables you to get up high to explore the Forêt des Andaines. A free trail for children aged 3 to 5 years enables the youngest adventurers to have as much fun as the grown-ups!

To book in advance : 06 27 85 03 58