Bagnoles Orne Massage Spa Bien Etre Remise Forme Piscine Sauna Hammam Jacuzzi Soin Beryl Hotel 3Bagnoles Orne Massage Spa Bien Etre Remise Forme Piscine Sauna Hammam Jacuzzi Soin Beryl Hotel 3
©Bagnoles Orne Massage Spa Bien Etre Remise Forme Piscine Sauna Hammam Jacuzzi Soin Beryl Hotel 3|Hôtel Spa du Beryl

Spa du Beryl

Unwind opposite the lake in Bagnoles de l’Orne

Located on the first floor of the Hôtel du Béryl, the spa is dedicated to the well-being of its clientèle. Modern fittings allied with the expertise of the team guarantees effective treatments in a warm and relaxing environment.

The relaxation area

The Hôtel du Béryl’s spa is equipped with a relaxation area with an indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna and hammam. The view over Bagnoles’ lake from the spa promotes relaxation and refreshment. From the first rays of sunlight you can relax on the sunbeds on the terrace or enjoy a herbal tea to rehydrate between treatments.

The dry heat of the sauna promotes feelings of well-being and soothes joint pain. The hammam promotes relaxation and relaxes the muscles thanks to the benefits of humid heat.

Relax in the indoor pool and then try the bubbling waters of the jacuzzi. The latter stimulates the circulation and tones the skin!

UAn award-winning location
for well-being massage

In the subdued lighting and luxurious surroundings of the treatment rooms you can enjoy a well-being massage from one of the Spa du Béryl’s expert beauty therapists. Did you know that in 2019 the spa won the title of French national well-being massage champion? Justine Lebossé, who competed for the spa, was also chosen to represent France in the 2020 world championship!

Treat yourself to the Signature du Béryl back massage. Created by the spa’s beauty therapists, this well-being massage promotes muscular rebalancing. Gentle yet deep, Californian massage with large, fluid movements reawakens the body’s senses and energy levels. Balinese massage alternates fast and slow movements to better ensure bodily awareness.

Body treatments

Facial treatments use beauty products from the Thalgo range, a world leader in professional marine cosmetics. Essential treatments adapted to each skin type ensure rehydration and the protection or rebalancing of the epidermis. Specific treatments offer several types of anti-age benefits to maintain a radiant complexion and firm skin.

Body treatments include exfoliating scrubs and fish pedicures. Ideal for soft and silky skin, professional exfoliation has many benefits for the body. Treat yourself to a Polynesian body scrub with white sand from Bora Bora or an energising scrub with flower petals. The pedicure given by the natural action of small fish will return your feet to softness.

The Hôtel Spa du Béryl also has two balneotherapy baths. You can relax in a bath of essential oils or benefit from the toning and de-stressing action of a jet shower. Other specific treatments, such as mud, seaweed or mango wraps, offer a relaxing and nurturing skin-care experience.