Bagnoles Orne Bo Spa Thermal Femme Massage 2Bagnoles Orne Bo Spa Thermal Femme Massage 2
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The thermal Spa

Well-being with natural extracts of Normandy

The alchemy between the active ingredients of cider apples and chlorophyll, together with the unique properties of the thermal waters of Bagnoles de l’Orne is great for your whole body!

B’O Spa’s well-being areas

Located at the heart of Bagnoles de l’Orne’s thermal health spa, the leisure spa offers a 2000 m2 area dedicated to well-being. The interior design by Emmanuel Houssin brings together the classic and the modern, with specially designed wooden furniture. The relaxation room and two resting rooms allow you to immerse yourself in the forest and the surrounding nature.

The spa has a sauna so you can enjoy its dry heat, a steam room that uses the resort’s thermal waters and a walk-through pool. The forty calm and relaxing hydrotherapy rooms are inspired by the style of the forest. The thermal spa also has seventeen massage and treatment rooms so you can really pamper yourself.

Bagnoles de l’Orne’s mineral water

The spa uses the thermal waters of Bagnole de l’Orne which contain all the trace elements needed for relaxation and a deep regeneration of the body and skin.

All the hydrotherapy treatments offered in the spa use mineral water drawn from Bagnoles de l’Orne’s main thermal spring. This mesothermal water (naturally warm water) has a constant temperature of 24.6 °C. Its decongestant, anti-inflammatory, relaxing and sedative properties come mainly from the trace elements contained in the thermal waters.

Its pH is close to that of the skin and gives it various properties that are beneficial to the epidermis. The thermal waters leave the skin over the whole body soft and smooth, which gives it a guaranteed natural exfoliating effect! The “Soins d’eau” beauty and cosmetic treatment range used for body treatments at the spa also derive their benefits from the properties of thermal waters.

Apple and chlorophyll treatments

Treat yourself to balneotherapy treatments that bring together the benefits of water and cider apples. B’O Spa Thermal extracts active ingredients that are beneficial for the skin from apples harvested from the surrounding orchards. These are used in massage and body treatments. Rich in polyphenols, apples are good for skin tissue regeneration thanks to their antioxidant, mineralising, hydrating and replumping properties.

Alongside this, there is another treatment range using chlorophyll and extracts from forest plants to oxygenate the skin. Hazelnuts from the Forêt des Andaines and barley and daisies from the neighbouring meadows enrich the “Oxygène-Chlorophylle” range of natural cosmetics created by B’O Spa.